Tinjure WP is my professional site where I write & document about all WordPress. This site is product of my passion to learn WordPress and a testimony to my learning enthusiasm. I was inspired by many others developers that I met online, who went through similar journey like mine and have established themselves as professional experts in community of WordPress users. After some research, I recognized that majority of those developers, were able to overcome many hurdles with resolute learning & practice, trials & errors. These individuals have become my virtual mentors, who provide me immense inspiration to continue being a passionate learner.

My Journey to WordPress

I have been learning WP very hard way because I come from biological science background and have not had any formal programming/coding training. Without my knowledge on programming & computing, it has been an unbelievably intricate and time consuming journey. To accomplish even a small task, such as theme customization, color or font size modifications, I had to spend hours to find appropriate solution. My efforts to seek answers through theme forum was not always easy often waste of my time. I don’t enjoy a luxury of working in team environment or consult for possible solutions to my problems except finding answers myself. As a result, I started writing my learning notes for my future use and also started writing about what I learned as part of learning journal.

Who is This Site For

This blog is designed as my learning & sharing site. My main aim of this site is to share experience with users who don’t have either formal computer science degree or have little programming experience.

This site is still in development!