Opioids Addiction Watch

A Story of Truth, Lies & American Addition

I read an article about A Story of Truth, Lies & American Addition in to-day’s The Washington Post. I had read several stories on this topic in the past year or so, but this heart-breaking story almost made me cry. This article was so beautifully written and a vivid survival struggle of a addict named Amanda, doing everything right but still a victim of addiction habit.


Sheryl Sandberg’s UC Berkley 2016 Convocation Speech

To-day I read Sheryl Sandberg’s very moving & deeply personal speech to 2016 graduating class of UC Berkley. She writes often writes at very personal touch and very moving posts or articles. Her best selling “Lean-in” is very good book too. Even in this speech, the lotus 1-2-3 spread sheet experience reminded me of my own experience when I was struggling to learn spread sheet and often I used to get help from my good colleague Ramesh. Her three Ps, resilience and to lean on positive part of our live is very important lesson for everybody.