Twenty Nineteen Theme Just Announced

WordPress default Twenty Nineteen theme & its design layout was announced to-day in Make WordPress Core. Unlike previous default themes (which are focused on blog contents), Twenty Nineteen is aimed for business as well as blog sites. Basic theme files have been already uploaded to Github for development/sharing purposes. The theme is based on both _s and the gutenberg-starter-theme , and major design layout is yet to be done.

At the core of Twenty Nineteen is its simple, sophisticated typography. The theme’s aesthetic is minimal and non-prescriptive, allowing the theme to work well in a variety of applications. For example: it is effective as an minimal, typography-driven blogging theme, but can also be adapted for use as a static business website.


As a self-taught aspiring theme developer, I plan to follow all aspects of Twenty Seventeen development process very closely and hope to learn more about following aspects of the theme development:

  • Designing front-page with larger header background image
  • Understand various component of the development process, as it is said to be keep simple for any developers to be available modify & maintain.
  • Looks like it’s a brand new design with lot of components to understand/learn

Based on initial comments in its announcement page, the Twenty Nineteen design appears to be overwhelmingly welcomed design. The final design is scheduled to be released together with WordPress 5.0 release by December 2019. Can’t wait the final product.