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Facebook’ Cambridge Analytica Problem vs Online publishing

Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook’s users’ personal profile data in political campaign use has created lot of buzz and has triggered flood of investigations by US Congress, FTC and British Government. However this Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica problems are nothing compared to what’s coming for all of online publishing from Harvard University blog is a wake-up call what is coming next.


There is a brief note in The New York Times explaining Why Onions Make Us Cry? It turns out that when we cut onions it releases  a chemical called lachrymatory factor (LF) which irritates our eyes. LF is by product of two molecules located in cells: sulfenic acid precursor floating around and a protein called alliinase in cytoplasm, which are released when onions are crossed and produce irritating LF. This chemical is used by plants as defense mechanisms from microbes & animals. An undergraduate student Josie Silvaroli, an undergraduate at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio helped explained this puzzle in a paper published in ACS Chemical Biology in July 2017.