An Incomplete List of Popular Articles on Opioids Epidemics

For more than a year or so, we have been reading articles on opioids addiction, alarming death rates from opioids overdose and related topics on daily basis in major national newspaper like Washington Posts & New York Times.

Since I have been interested on this topic, I have been reading these articles whenever I come across one from trusted source. For my own purpose and for others interested in this area, I have started to compile of a selective lists of popular news article published in major news outlets like New York Times, Washington Posts and others.

General, Opioids Addiction Watch

Prescription Opioids Problems

In recent years there are lot of stories on prescription opioids related addiction problem in many rural America. Major newspapers & other media has been covering reports of increasing deaths from opioids & drug overdose related problems. In this recent article in Washington Posts, one third of long term users say they’re hooked on prescription opioids.  Very interesting but alarming story!

General, Political Watch

2016 US Presidential Election & Populist Revolt

In October 31, 2016 issue of New Yorker magazine there is an article titled – Hillary Clinton and the Populist Revolt by the magazine’s investigative reporter George Packer. The other day while driving home from work, I was listening to NPR’s Terry Gross’s Fresh air interview with the author of the article about current prudential election and American’s working class’s popular revolt. During my 20 min drive I found the interview very interesting. Next day, I read the online version of the article in  New Yorker’s website. The article is long read but at the end I found the news report very useful to understand the various issues that are fueling the current revolt from the left and the right. In my view, the report is also balanced politically.



Sheryl Sandberg’s UC Berkley 2016 Convocation Speech

To-day I read Sheryl Sandberg’s very moving & deeply personal speech to 2016 graduating class of UC Berkley. She writes often writes at very personal touch and very moving posts or articles. Her best selling “Lean-in” is very good book too. Even in this speech, the lotus 1-2-3 spread sheet experience reminded me of my own experience when I was struggling to learn spread sheet and often I used to get help from my good colleague Ramesh. Her three Ps, resilience and to lean on positive part of our live is very important lesson for everybody.