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Robots are Not Killing American Dreams

The New York Times editorial board has a opinion piece to-day titled No, Robots Aren’t Killing the American Dream in response to Claire Cain Miller’s The Long-Term Jobs Killer Is Not China. It’s Automation. published in December 20016. The editorial argues with job statistics that the decline of American Dream is caused primarily by due to our lawmakers decisions not due to technological automation. Continue reading

Political Watch

From Our Minority President To America: Thank You

To-day President Obama wrote Than You letter to the nation expressing his gratitude for their trust and opportunity to serve as their President & Commander-in-Chief. Very gratuitous parting words.

On Jan 10, President Obama bid farewell to the nation with a new slogan: Yes, we can. Yes, we did where he warned threat to our democracy. Mr Obama is busy in his wee hours of presidency doing farewell by writing, taking & giving interviews. To-day he had an article entitled The irreversible momentum of clean energy published in Journal Science to-day. Continue reading