Political Watch

From Our Minority President To America: Thank You

To-day President Obama wrote Than You letter to the nation expressing his gratitude for their trust and opportunity to serve as their President & Commander-in-Chief. Very gratuitous parting words.

On Jan 10, President Obama bid farewell to the nation with a new slogan: Yes, we can. Yes, we did where he warned threat to our democracy. Mr Obama is busy in his wee hours of presidency doing farewell by writing, taking & giving interviews. To-day he had an article entitled The irreversible momentum of clean energy published in Journal Science to-day. Continue reading

Opioids Addiction Watch

A Story of Truth, Lies & American Addition

I read an article about A Story of Truth, Lies & American Addition in to-day’s The Washington Post. I had read several stories on this topic in the past year or so, but this heart-breaking story almost made me cry. This article was so beautifully written and a vivid survival struggle of a addict named Amanda, doing everything right but still a victim of addiction habit.