Reflections and opinions from all walks of life are poring in to farewell our minority president.  New York Times has published some letters on Reflections on Obama. Very interesting read!

Links to some selected articles & opinions are listed below:

  1. The Obamas were a master class in dignity and civility. Did we learn what they taught?. Washington Post Opinion: Jan 19.
  2. A President Who Inspired Big Dreams, and Big Smiles, in a Young Generation. New York Times: Jan 14.
  3. To Obama With Love, and Hate, and Desperation. New York Times Magazine: Jan 17.
  4. How the Presidency Changed Obama. New York Times: Jan 17.
  5. The Most Successful Democrat Since F.D.R. New York Times Opinion Page: Jan 17.
  6. These nine White House staffers remember their most inspiring day working for President Obama. Washington Post: Jan 10.
  7. Thank You President Obama. Tony O. Elumulu. LinkedIn Pulse: Jan 12.
  8. T.I. Writes Open Letter to Barack Obama: ‘Your Legacy Will Live On’ – New York Times: Jan 6.
  9. ‘I hope I’ve made you proud.’ First lady Michelle Obama chokes up during speech to educators. Washington Post: Jan 6.
  10. Reflections on Obama. New York Times Sunday Review letters: Jan 7.
  11. Celebrities give Obama emotional farewell in video. The Hill: Jan 7.
  12. Barack Obama, the 44th president. Star Tribune: Jan 7.
  13. Obama Hoped to Transform the World. It Transformed Him. New York times: Jan 12.
  14. The Optimism of Barack Obama. New York Times Editorial Board: Jan 14.
  15. What the Obama Presidency Looked Like to the Opposition. By Eric Cantor. New York Times: Jan 14.
  16. President Obama’s Memorable Parting Words. New Yorker: Jan 23.
  17. Three cheers for the outgoing president. By Ed Rogers. Washington Post Opinion: Jan 16.