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There is an interesting article in The New York times about CBD (Cannabidiol) oil titled Why Is CBD Everywhere?. To quote from The Times “Cannabidiol is being touted as a magical elixir, a cure-all now available in bath bombs, dog treats and even pharmaceuticals. But maybe it’s just a fix for our anxious times.

Dr Richard A Friedman, a psychiatrist and a contributing opinion writer, joins in the debate with his Dec 28 opinion post Is CBD Helpful, or Just Hype?  suggesting CBD enthusiasts to wait the research before pouring CBD into our tea and rubbing it all over our bodies.

CBD is Everywhere


To-day at 1:18 pm (CT) we all received a Presidential Alert, a wireless check, text message on our cellphones. It could have been either a thrill or terrifying depending upon our political affiliation. As an political independent, I sought more information about it and found and excellent article Trump Is Not Texting You in The Atlantic, which explains in detail about this mandated Wireless Emergency Alerts system.

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The American Dream Is Harder To Find In Some Neighborhoods

The NPR has an interesting blog post The American Dream Is Harder To Find In Some Neighborhoods, which is an outcome from a collaborative research between the Census Bureau, and the researchers at the Harvard & Brown Universities. Through The Opportunity Atlas, similar to google maps,  it is possible to tract nationwide data on any neighborhoods. The New York Times post Detailed New National Maps Show How Neighborhoods Shape Children for Life illustrates how these information can be utilized by decision makers across the country to understand and tackle the barriers that prevent people from climbing the economic ladder in most persistent low income neighborhoods.